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The Goniaster Tesselatus starfish (April, 2002) was only identified after an extensive search and then only by a scientist from the Smithsonian.  We later learned that this is apparently the best photo ever taken of one.  This link will take you to a photo of the Hypselodoris Acriba Nudibranch.  It has only been photographed five other times and may not have ever been previously reported in Florida waters.  Permission has been given for both of these images to be included in the next edition of Reef Creatures by Paul Humann.

The only person ever to be selected FIVE times as the Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine "Photographer of the Week" - March 2002, August 2003, July 2004, July 2005, and September 2006.

Ikelite's Olympus Photo Page, Ikelite's Close-up lens photo page

August, 2003, article in the Lakeland Ledger (Lakeland, FL) which mentions my works along with those of other artists and contains a quote from me.

March, 2008, twelve of our images appear in the soon-to-be released book "Wings of Haiku" by Alvin Cash. This is a brilliant work with a different photo and matching haiku on each page.


Selected Writings and Stories Published on

October, 2006 - A week at the terrific Atlantis Dive Resort in Dumaguete, Philippines. Read all about it by clicking hereNote:  There are 99 photos attached to this link so it may take a while to load over dial up connections.

April, 2006 - A week at sea aboard the Aggressor boat in Fabulous Fiji!  Some of the most exotic creatures I've ever seen, including one that seems to defy identification.  Note:  There are 64 photos attached to this link so it may take a while to load over dial up connections.

December, 2005, I returned to Nassau to get photos of sharks feeding.  Despite a minor camera malfunction, I was able to get some pretty cool photos and have a very relaxing trip.  Read all about it by clicking here.

May, 2005 - muck diving in St Vincent!  Crawling around in the sand, looking for the tiniest creatures, proved rewarding as we located more than two dozen critters that are uncommon to rare, some of which are not even in the ID books, and one which has yet to be identified.  See how it all happened by clicking here.

October 29, 2004, shark diving in Nassau, Bahamas with the terrific people at Stuart Cove's.  High voltage excitement in the water but a serious nightmare with the ultra-lousy Bahamas Air.  Find out what happened by clicking here  A variation of this article appeared on a British diving publication's website.  See that article by clicking here.

April 24, 2004, trip aboard the Nekton Pilot dive boat off the coast of Belize.  Fascinating design for a boat, excellent crew, and terrific wall diving!  Read all about it and see the photos

After disembarking Nekton Pilot, we spent a few days touring around Belize.  Explore our finding with us by clicking here.

Revitalize Your Diving.  This article was submitted to a number of dive and travel-related magazines.

Some incredible sights and adventures from our October 2003 trip to Hawaii.  

During the last week of June, we returned to the 2003 Stephen Frink Underwater Photography School to work on advanced techniques in lighting and composition.  It was a good trip and I really learned a lot.  The entire article about the experience and over 50 top quality images can be found by clicking on the link above.  During that trip, I used a prototype Ikelite housing for my S2 camera and gave a serious look at the Sigma 105mm macro lens.  The gear report is located here.

Old friends in from out of state, good diving, and a bit of nostalgia.  A good read.

"Once more unto the breach..."  We tackled an almost impossible task, to prove seahorses existed in a location where they had not been reported before.

Tidal currents very nearly sucked us off course and into a dangerous position but we recovered and ended up having a great weekend.  Read how it all happened.

Sometimes ideas take on a life of their own.  Read how one such idea developed into the Kids In Scuba program.  We were even on two different news channels!

August 23, 2002 I completed the Stephen Frink Underwater Photography School.  This link will take you to the trip report.  The photo of the Speigel Grove turned out to be so popular that it was published on Rodale's Scuba Diving's website.  Click here to see it.

Here is a link to a page that offers many links to better understanding underwater photography.  Capturing Sealife With Underwater Cameras

If you're considering taking up scuba diving, with or without a camera, here is a link to some general information about the sport.  Outdoor guide to scuba diving