Colorado Trip - September, 2012

This trip will be center around Grand Junction and involve daily rides out into the surrounding area, returning each night to the same hotel. This is called a hub and spoke tour.

Colorado National Monument

Arches National Park

Map of the general area

Stay at:
Hampton Inn
205 Main St, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501
(970) 243-3222
$114/night but only $96/night prepaid
The manager advises they will accept the shipment of the bike travel case if the shipping label has "Hold for arrival date XX/XX/XXXX."

Website with route maps of the area:
John Hodge Bicycle Map
Orchard Mesa ride map


Friday, August 24th
Ship bike.

Saturday Sept 1
Fly from Orlando to Grand Junction
Reassemble bike

Sunday Sept 2
Colorado National Monument Loop

Monday Sept 3
Orchard Mesa Loop

Tuesday Sept 4
Rain day or local ride

Wednesday Sept 5th
Drive down to Moab and to Arches National Park Map of the park

Moab to Arches National Park

Thursday Sept 6th
Local ride
Disassemble and pack bike

Friday Sept 7th
Ship bike, rest, laundry

Saturday Sept 8th
From from Grand Junction to Orlando